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  • ARK: Genesis Part 1 - Available Now!
    https://youtu.be/587ZD-y4LQEContinue your quest for ultimate survival and unlock a whole new chapter in the saga of ARK: Survival Evolved with the ARK: Genesis Part I!https://store.steampowered.com/app/1113410/ARK_Genesis_Season_Pass/Waking up within a virtual simulation, the ultimate task of sur...
  • Competitive Season 13 Rewards Season 14 Kickoff!
    It's hard to believe that the first Competitive Season of 2020 is winding down, but it’s ending on March 25! Then, Season 14 begins that very same day. So, without further ado, here are the rewards for Competitive Season 13.[video]https://giant.gfycat.com/LastUntimelyKingfisher.webm[/video]...
  • Harrowstorm Update 25 Now Live on PC/Mac
    [h3]Not sure what to expect when downloading Update 25? Check out our FAQ here![/h3]The Harrowstorm DLC game pack and Update 25 brings a host of new challenges, adventures, rewards, and improvements to ESO, including:Two new four-player dungeons: Icereach and Unhallowed GraveThe start of the year...
  • Patch Notes
    QuoteCommunity translation: Deutsch - Français - РусскийHello everyone, We've worked on a lot of bug fixing this week but there is one we would like to talk about specifically before you read the patch notes. We know that you appreciate the possibility to change Unique items into leg...
  • MyTEAM: Buzzer Beater Pack
    Flash pack alert! New, extremely limited time Buzzer Beater packs are available now. Headlined by Galaxy Opal Steph, and also featuring PD C-Webb & Drazen Petrovic, plus Diamond Paul Pierce. Only available until February 28![previewyoutube=GGl8ykkpzhA;full][/previewyoutube]
  • Dota Underlords Season One
    WELCOME TO SEASON ONE[previewyoutube=m9MqIzmWG24;full][/previewyoutube]Dota Underlords is coming out of Early Access, and today officially marks the beginning of Season One. With this launch, we've added a ton of content to explore, rewards to earn, a hero / Alliance / item shakeup and more. ...
  • The King’s Shilling patch is now live!
    The King’s Shilling patch is now live!This patch addresses issues with raising dead as Vampire Coast factions, fixes a bug limiting the number of mods you can have, and more.For the full details, check out the patch notes here: https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-ii-the-kings-shil...
    LESION Removed initial tick damage from Gu Mines. Gu Mine damage increased to 6 per tick (from 4). Players in DBNO will not receive any damage from Gu Mines. Removing the ability to see Gu Mines icons through obstacles. Gu Mines icons are invisible beyond 8 meters.Lesion has been performing very ...
  • Wolcen items: how to use gem slots and customise your character
    Picking up loot is most of what Wolcen is, but using those items effectively can make all the difference between having a useless character and an unstoppable build. There’s a lot to consider, such as what type of armour you should be equipping, which gems you should be putting into gem slots, ...
  • La Résistance is Now Available!
    STOCKHOLM - 25 February 2020 - Conquest is never easy, but the 20th Century brings new challenges. More infrastructure means more opportunities for disruption. Radio links saboteurs and freedom fighters across occupied territory. It is never hard to find willing collaborators, but it takes a lot ...
  • Free 1.9 "Husky" Update is Now Live! (And not save game compatible!)
    Hello!1.9 Husky is now live including tons of bugfixes, improvements and new features. The patch should be downloading through Steam as we speak.Please note that 1.9 will not be save game compatible with 1.8.2. If you want to finish off any ongoing ironman games, please remain on 1.8.2 for now. H...
  • Patch Notes
    Today’s update includes a revamped buy menu, a simple way to customize (and share) your crosshair, and an all new way to personalize your favorite agents! [h3]Introducing Patches[/h3]Looking for a way to personalize your agent? Patches featuring a variety of classic designs can now be applied t...
  • Live at 09:00 CET - La Resistance Release Stream
    The release of La Resistance is upon us! Tune in to a special release stream at 09:00 CET February 25th, for some chaotic spanish multiplayer and the release of the expansion! We'll be live over at: https://www.twitch.tv/paradoxinteractive
  • CD Projekt are now valued as the second largest game company in Europe
    That scrappy Polish studio that developed a computer RPG based on the monster hunting novels by Andrzej Sapkowski is all grown up. CD Projekt, parent company of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 developers, are now valued as the second largest gaming company in Europe, beat only by Ubisoft. (more…)
  • Wolcen skills: how to use modifiers and upgrade your active skills
    Wolcen has a lot of spells and abilities that you can assign to your character. But just using skills is scratching the surface, as Wolcen allows you to apply modifiers, changing how a skill works. These can be as small as increasing overall damage dealt, or major alterations that transform the s...
  • In GTA Online, F1 cars really can drive upside-down
    It’s said that the aerodynamic design of Formula One cars generates so much downforce that you could, theoretically, drive one upside-down. In reality, nobody seems willing to risk vehicle and vertebrae to attempt this stunt. But in GTA Online, we’re mere bytes so of course driving on the cei...
  • Wolcen guide: tips and tricks for beginners
    It’s been several years in the making, but Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is finally out. This action RPG boasts a lot of options to customise your character to be whatever you want it to be. Maybe you want to build a muscle-bound chap that can throw fireballs, or perhaps a poison inflicting mage that...
  • Particle Mayhem Winners
    After a one hundred day event, 142 submissions, and a judging process that took the help of other scientists to keep the particles at bay, the Particle Mayhem group is ready to announce their winners! The organizers want to thank everyone who created particles and contributed to the event! The ev...
  • Wolcen act 3 boss glitch: how to work around this game-breaking bug
    Wolcen’s biggest bug at the time of writing is at the end of the third act. The boss seems to have a bit of an issue with moving and taking damage. It’s really quite aggravating when it happens as you’ll need to restart the fight. I scoured the internet for an answer and while it’s not be...
  • Destiny 2's next season will shake up snipers and The Last Word
    Bungie still haven’t even revealed the name of the new Destiny 2 season starting in three weeks, let alone what’s new in it, but they are opening up about what it’ll do to the old meta. On top of the sword changes discussed a few weeks ago, they have big plans for weapons including sniper r...
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