KUNAI is a quirky, fast-paced action adventure / metroidvania. You play as Tabby, a tablet who joins the fight against a robot uprising. Use your kunai and ninja parkour skills to stop Lemonkus, the A.I.-gone-evil that almost wiped out all human life.

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Chinese Renminbi
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CN¥ 57.00
$ 16.99
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RUB 392.00
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£ 13.49
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$ 16.99
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Owner Estimations By Steam Spy
Owners 0 - 20,000
Average Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Average Playtime (Forever) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Forever) 0 hours
Peak All Time 91
Peak Last Week 21
Peak Last 10 minutes 7
Average Last Week 10.00
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Name Release
12 Feb 2020
Achievements 21
Average Completion 42.07%
Name Description Completed
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Score 77.78%
Meta Score 80%
A selection of the 43 reviews
Screenshots 6
Movies 2
Key Section Value Raw
version Other 13
change_number Other 7849173
updated_steam Other 28 Feb 20 04:44
updated_game_db Other 28 Feb 20 05:30
type Other Game
developer Extended TurtleBlaze
homepage Extended https://kunaigame.com
listofdlc Extended 1243000, 1254550
publisher Extended The Arcade Crew
associations Common
  • Publisher: Gamera Games (China)
  • Franchise: The Arcade Crew
  • Developer: TurtleBlaze
  • Publisher: The Arcade Crew
category Common 2, 22, 23, 28
clienticon Common
clienttga Common 4bb777706491fa1fb1ae22ca2589d0d5596b5711
community_hub_visible Common
community_visible_stats Common
controller_support Common Full
gameid Common 1001800
genres Common 1, 23, 25
header_image Common
  • english: header.jpg
icon Common
languages Common english, french, german, italian, japanese, koreana, latam, russian, schinese, spanish, tchinese
library_assets Common
{ "library_capsule": "en", "library_hero": "en", "library_logo": "en", "logo_position": { "height_pct": "90.12111137497033", "pinned_position": "BottomLeft", "width_pct": "88.90160183066361" } }
logo Common
logo_small Common
metacritic_fullurl Common https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/kunai?ftag=MCD-06-10aaa1f
metacritic_name Common KUNAI
metacritic_score Common 80%
name Common KUNAI
name_localized Common
  • schinese: 酷派忍者 / KUNAI
osarch Common
osextended Common
oslist Common windows
primary_genre Common 1
releasestate Common Released
review_percentage Common 84%
review_score Common 8
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
steam_release_date Common 06 Feb 14:02
store_asset_mtime Common 13 Feb 12:09
store_tags Common 19, 21, 492, 1625, 1628, 1646, 1688, 1695, 1716, 1756, 3798, 3834, 3835, 3871, 3964, 4036, 4182, 5752, 42804, 922563
supported_languages Common Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Koreana, Russian, Spanish
type Common Game
maxnumfiles UFS 10
quota UFS 51 kB
rootoverrides UFS
{ "0": { "addpath": {}, "os": "MacOS", "oscompare": "=", "root": "WinAppDataLocalLow", "useinstead": "MacAppSupport" }, "1": { "addpath": "unity3d/", "os": "Linux", "oscompare": "=", "root": "WinAppDataLocalLow", "useinstead": "LinuxXdgConfigHome" } }
savefiles UFS
  • Path: TurtleBlaze/KUNAI, Pattern: *.data, Root: WinAppDataLocalLow
installdir Config KUNAI
steamcontrollertemplateindex Config
ID Name Configs Manifests Encrypted Manifests Max Size App DLC App SD Op SI SD LV AR
1001801 KUNAI Windows
832 MB
1001802 KUNAI OSX
0 B
1001803 KUNAI Linux
0 B
Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
demotest demo 4708753 1582535825
public 4628666 1580994808
risky be risky 4683998 1581933100
speedrun-d1r day 1 release version for speedrunning 4628666 1581366099
benjamintest 4708753 1582535770
beta 4692766 1582123043
Order Executable Arguments Description Type OS List OS Architecture Owns DLCs Beta Key Working Dir VAC Module Filename VR Mode
0 KUNAI.exe none windows
Key Value
Name Display Default
KILLS Enemies Killed 0