Hashihime of the Old Book Town

Follow the protagonist's pursuit to uncover the death of his friends during the Taisho era of Japan. An highly-acclaimed, psychedelic BL murder-mystery visual novel from indie developer ADELTA!

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Price $ 34.99
Players 3 now, 5 week peak
Review Score 97.30% (35 0 )
Followers 608
Release Date 26 Sep 2019
Developers ADELTA
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CN¥ 150.00
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£ 27.79
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$ 34.99
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Achievements 23
Average Completion 53.32%
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Score 97.30%
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type Other Game
developer Extended ADELTA
homepage Extended http://www.mangagamer.org/hashihime/
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  • Developer: ADELTA
  • Publisher: MangaGamer
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{ "library_capsule": "en", "library_hero": "en", "library_logo": "en", "logo_position": { "height_pct": "100", "pinned_position": "BottomLeft", "width_pct": "100" } }
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review_score Common 8
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type Common Game
maxnumfiles UFS 100
quota UFS 120 MB
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  • Path: Mangagamer/hashihime of the old book town, Pattern: *.*, Root: WinAppDataRoaming, Recursive: 1, Platforms: Windows
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1039941 Hashihime of the Old Book Town Content
2.1 GB
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public 4261213 1570332368
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0 hashihime.exe none
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