Bastion Soundtrack DLC

Includes the Bastion Original Soundtrack with music by Darren Korb in MP3 format, an hour-long album featuring two bonus tracks not heard in the game. Songs will be placed in your Bastion folder in the Steam Directory: ...

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Release Date 16 Aug 2011
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Darren Korb


Darren Korb


Supergiant Games


Recorded and mixed by Darren Korb, Mastered by Hans DeKline, Vocals by Darren Korb and Ashley Barrett. © 2019 Supergiant Games,

# Disc 1 Duration
9 Faith of Jevel 1:31
1 Get Used to It 0:54
6 Twisted Streets 3:29
18 Pale Watchers 4:28
3 In Case of Trouble 2:56
12 Build That Wall (Zia's Theme) 2:45
20 From Wharf to Wilds 1:21
22 The Pantheon (Ain't Gonna Catch You) 2:27
15 Brusher Patrol 4:32
4 Bynn the Breaker 4:9
10 Mine, Windbag, Mine 3:6
2 A Proper Story 1:9
16 The Mancer's Dilemma 2:1
7 Terminal March 4:6
17 Mother, I'm Here 2:16
13 Spike In a Rail 2:54
14 What's Left Undone 0:22
19 The Bottom Feeders 4:44
11 Slinger's Song 4:6
21 Setting Sail, Coming Home 2:54
5 The Sole Regret 2:27
8 Percy's Escape 1:41
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Supergiant Collection
Supergiant Collection
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Music to Your Ears Bundle
Music to Your Ears Bundle
-22% 20 0 08 Apr 20 13:07
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