100 Doors Game - Escape from School

A girl named Mia is locked inside a school. Help her escape by solving puzzles and riddles, as well as finding hidden objects along the way that open the doors of every single room she finds herself trapped in.

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Release Date 20 Mar 2020
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updated_steam Other 04 Apr 20 14:20
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type Other Game
developer Extended Peaksel
homepage Extended https://peaksel.com
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  • Developer: Peaksel
  • Publisher: Peaksel
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{ "library_capsule": "en,de,es,fr,it,pt,ru,tr,ko", "library_hero": "en", "library_logo": "en,de,es,fr,it,pt,ru,tr,ko", "logo_position": { "height_pct": "100", "pinned_position": "CenterCenter", "width_pct": "100" } }
logo Common
logo_small Common
metacritic_name Common 100 Doors Games - Escape from School
name Common 100 Doors Game - Escape from School
name_localized Common
  • japanese: 100ドアゲーム – 脱出ゲーム
  • ukrainian: 100 Дверей – Ігри Втеча з Кімнати
  • german: 100 Türen - Escape Spiele
  • danish: 100 Døre - Escape Room Spil
  • koreana: 100 Doors - 방 탈출 게임
  • turkish: 100 kapı - Odadan kaçış oyunları
  • brazilian: 100 Portas: Escape do quarto
  • hungarian: 100 ajtó játék - Szabadulószoba Játék
  • latam: 100 puertas - Juegos de escape
  • romanian: 100 De Uși - Jocuri Escape Room
  • russian: 100 дверей: Побег из комнаты
  • french: 100 portes: Évasion de l'école
  • polish: 100 Doors - Gry Escape Room
  • swedish: 100 Dörrar - Escape Room Spel
  • thai: 100 ประตู - เกมหนีห้อง
  • italian: 100 Porte: Giochi escape
osarch Common
osextended Common macos64,macosnotarized
oslist Common macos, windows
primary_genre Common 4
releasestate Common Released
review_percentage Common 63%
review_score Common 5
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steam_release_date Common 20 Mar 14:35
store_asset_mtime Common 24 Mar 09:13
store_tags Common 21, 113, 597, 1664, 1738
supported_languages Common Arabic + Full Audio, Subtitles, Brazilian + Full Audio, Subtitles, Czech + Full Audio, Subtitles, Danish + Full Audio, Subtitles, English + Full Audio, Subtitles, French + Full Audio, Subtitles, German + Full Audio, Subtitles, Hungarian + Full Audio, Subtitles, Italian + Full Audio, Subtitles, Japanese + Full Audio, Subtitles, Koreana + Full Audio, Subtitles, Polish + Full Audio, Subtitles, Romanian + Full Audio, Subtitles, Russian + Full Audio, Subtitles, Spanish (Latin America) + Full Audio, Subtitles, Swedish + Full Audio, Subtitles, Thai + Full Audio, Subtitles, Turkish + Full Audio, Subtitles, Ukrainian + Full Audio, Subtitles
type Common Game
maxnumfiles UFS 15
quota UFS 50 kB
rootoverrides UFS
{ "0": { "os": "MacOS", "oscompare": "=", "pathtransforms": { "0": { "find": "hundreddoorsgamepc/escapefromschool/{64BitSteamID}", "replace": "hundreddoorsgamepc/escapefromschool/{64BitSteamID}" } }, "root": "WinAppDataLocalLow", "useinstead": "MacAppSupport" } }
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  • Path: hundreddoorsgamepc/escapefromschool/{64BitSteamID}, Pattern: *.dat, Root: WinAppDataLocalLow
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1238281 100 Doors Games - Escape from School Windows
249 MB
1238282 100 Doors Games - Escape from School MacOS
258 MB
Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
public 4817609 1585136201
beta 4817609 1585135605
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baselanguages english,german,french,italian,koreana,schinese,russian,thai,japanese,portuguese,polish,danish,swedish,hungarian,czech,romanian,turkish,arabic,brazilian,ukrainian,latam
Order Executable Arguments Description Type OS List OS Architecture Owns DLCs Beta Key Working Dir VAC Module Filename VR Mode
0 escapefromschool.exe default windows
1 100 Doors Games - Escape from School.app.app\\Contents\\MacOS\\escapefromschool default macos
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