Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet

Pajama Sam chases down some snickering cookies, only to find himself in the midst of a food squabble!

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Price $ 6.99
Players 10 now, 9 week peak
Review Score 97.28% (142 3 )
Followers 423
Release Date 15 May 2014
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Country Final Initial Discount %
Chinese Renminbi
Chinese Renminbi
CN¥ 28.00
$ 6.99
Russian Ruble
Russian Ruble
RUB 355.00
Pound Sterling
Pound Sterling
£ 4.99
United States Dollar
United States Dollar
$ 6.99
Player Count
Owner Estimations By Steam Spy
Owners 20,000 - 50,000
Average Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Average Playtime (Forever) 2.5 hours
Median Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Forever) 4.8 hours
Peak All Time 18
Peak Last Week 9
Peak Last 10 minutes 10
Average Last Week 6.24
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This app has no DLC.

Achievements 0
Average Completion 0.00%
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Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet Store or CD Key Single Purchase Available 1
Pajama Sam Complete Pack Store or CD Key Single Purchase Available 7
Humongous Entertainment Complete Pack Store or CD Key Single Purchase Available 35
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Score 97.28%
A selection of the 145 reviews
Screenshots 7
Movies 1
Key Section Value Raw
version Other
change_number Other 7984769
updated_steam Other 18 Mar 20 17:16
updated_game_db Other 18 Mar 20 18:13
type Other Game
developer Extended Humongous Entertainment
gamemanualurl Extended https://store.steampowered.com/manual/292800/
homepage Extended http://www.humongous.com
publisher Extended Humongous Entertainment
associations Common
  • Publisher: Nightdive Studios
  • Developer: Humongous Entertainment
  • Publisher: Humongous Entertainment
category Common 2, 23
clienticns Common b08a3bfee8cf32e4bef339463f7bfc21155097cc
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gameid Common 292800
genres Common 4, 25
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  • english: header.jpg
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library_assets Common
{ "library_capsule": "en", "library_hero": "en", "library_logo": "en", "logo_position": { "height_pct": "62.15863215388268", "pinned_position": "CenterCenter", "width_pct": "58.46681922196794" } }
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metacritic_name Common Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
name Common Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head To Your Feet
original_release_date Common 01 Apr 08:00
osarch Common
osextended Common macos64
oslist Common linux, macos, windows
primary_genre Common 25
releasestate Common Released
review_percentage Common 97%
review_score Common 8
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
steam_release_date Common 15 May 21:18
store_asset_mtime Common 16 Dec 21:55
store_tags Common 21, 597, 1698, 1742, 5350
supported_languages Common Dutch + Full Audio, English + Full Audio, Subtitles, French + Full Audio
type Common Game
maxnumfiles UFS 1,000
quota UFS 10 MB
savefiles UFS
  • Path: Saves, Pattern: *.*, Root: gameinstall
contenttype Config 3
installdir Config Pajama Sam 3
ID Name Configs Manifests Encrypted Manifests Max Size App DLC App SD Op SI SD LV AR
292807 Pajama Sam 3 - Linux English INI
452 B
292810 Pajama Sam 3 - Mac French INI
419 B
292813 Pajama Sam 3 - Windows German INI
0 B
292809 Pajama Sam 3 - Windows French INI
452 B
292812 Pajama Sam 3 - Game Files - German
0 B
292814 Pajama Sam 3 - Mac German INI
0 B
292815 Pajama Sam 3 - Linux German INI
0 B
292818 Pajama Sam 3 - Mac Dutch INI
446 B
292801 Pajama Sam 3 - Windows Executables
106 MB
292802 Pajama Sam 3 - Mac Executables
110 MB
292803 Pajama Sam 3 - Linux Executables
65 MB
292804 Pajama Sam 3 - Game Files - English
257 MB
292808 Pajama Sam 3 - Game Files - French
255 MB
292816 Pajama Sam 3 - Game Files - Dutch
259 MB
292817 Pajama Sam 3 - Windows Dutch INI
479 B
292805 Pajama Sam 3 - Windows English INI
484 B
292806 Pajama Sam 3 - Mac English INI
451 B
292811 Pajama Sam 3 - Linux French INI
420 B
292819 Pajama Sam 3 - Linux Dutch INI
447 B
Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
beta 4419220 1574491388
public 4419220 1574491380
uk_version 589484 0
Key Value
baselanguages english,french,dutch
overridescddb 1
Order Executable Arguments Description Type OS List OS Architecture Owns DLCs Beta Key Working Dir VAC Module Filename VR Mode
0 ScummVM_Windows\\scummvm.exe --no-console -c scummvm-pajamasam3.ini pajama3 Launch windows ScummVM_Windows\\
1 ScummVM_Mac\\ScummVM.app\\Contents\\MacOS\\scummvm -c scummvm-pajamasam3.ini pajama3 Launch macos ScummVM_Mac\\
2 ScummVM_Linux\\launch_pajamasam3.sh Launch linux ScummVM_Linux\\
Key Value
Name Display Default