Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]

"Hanafuda" is a traditional Japanese card game. Now you can enjoy "Koi Koi," its most well-known variation, in a purely Japanese milieu with elegant and refined graphics. Online Multiplayer!!

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Price $ 9.99
Players 5 now, 10 week peak
Review Score 96.80% (271 8 )
Followers 2,586
Release Date 27 Apr 2015
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Country Final Initial Discount %
Chinese Renminbi
Chinese Renminbi
CN¥ 36.00
$ 9.99
Russian Ruble
Russian Ruble
RUB 249.00
Pound Sterling
Pound Sterling
£ 6.99
United States Dollar
United States Dollar
$ 9.99
Player Count
Owner Estimations By Steam Spy
Owners 50,000 - 100,000
Average Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Average Playtime (Forever) 3.8 hours
Median Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Forever) 4.8 hours
Peak All Time 24
Peak Last Week 10
Peak Last 10 minutes 5
Average Last Week 4.75
Top Players
Rank Flag Player Time
Name Release
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE tours Vol.1
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE tours Vol.1
10 Aug 2016
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE tours Vol.2
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE tours Vol.2
29 Aug 2016
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE tours Vol.3
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE tours Vol.3
17 Nov 2016
Achievements 35
Average Completion 26.14%
Name Completed
Title Date

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Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] Store or CD Key Single Purchase Available 1
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Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE Deluxe Edition
Koi-Koi Japan : UKIYOE Deluxe Edition
-10% 4 0 17 Feb 20 02:03
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Score 96.80%
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Movies 1
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developer Extended Zoo Corporation
homepage Extended http://ent.zoo.jp/steam-koikoijapan/
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publisher Extended Zoo Corporation
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  • Developer: Zoo Corporation
  • Publisher: Zoo Corporation
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original_release_date Common 27 Apr 07:00
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primary_genre Common 4
releasestate Common Released
review_percentage Common 93%
review_score Common 8
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store_tags Common 597, 1666, 3859, 4085, 4182
supported_languages Common English + Subtitles, German, Japanese + Subtitles
type Common Game
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rootoverrides UFS
{ "0": { "addpath": "unity.ZooCorporation.Koi-Koi Japan/", "os": "MacOS", "oscompare": "=", "root": "gameinstall", "useinstead": "MacAppSupport" } }
savefiles UFS
  • Path: _save, Pattern: KoikoiSavdat.dat, Root: gameinstall
contenttype Config 3
installdir Config Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards]
ID Name Configs Manifests Encrypted Manifests Max Size App DLC App SD Op SI SD LV AR
364931 Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] Content
487 MB
364932 Koi-Koi Japan [Hanafuda playing cards] OSX
529 MB
Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
beta_test 1541688 1482829301
private_test PrivateTestBranch 1243433 1469435550
public 1541688 1482829522
Order Executable Arguments Description Type OS List OS Architecture Owns DLCs Beta Key Working Dir VAC Module Filename VR Mode
0 KoiKoiJapan.exe Launch none windows
1 KoiKoiJapan.app Launch none macos
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