Add Steam Discord Bot to your server

Steam Discord Bot

Add the Steam Discord Bot to your Discord server.

Used on 38+ servers so far.

All commands can start with a full stop . or an exclamation point !

Game Commands
Example Description
.game GameName Get info on a game
.new Returns the most popular newly released games
.players GameName Gets the number of people playing a game.
.popular Returns the most popular games in order of players over the last week
.random Get a random game
.trending Returns the most trending games
Group Commands
Example Description
.group GroupName Get info on a group
Miscellaneous Commands
Example Description
.help Links to this list of commands
.players Gets the number of people on Steam.
Player Commands
Example Description
.games PlayerName Get the amount of games a player has in their library
.level PlayerName Get the level of a player
.player PlayerName Get info on a player
.playtime PlayerName Get the playtime of a player
.recent PlayerName Returns the last 10 games played by user