Orcs Must Die!

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Price $ 9.99
Players 42 Last 10 minutes
60 Last 7 days
133 All time @ -
Followers 8,863 (Group)
Review Score 96.59% (5,945 209 )
Release Date 12 Oct 2011
Demos Orcs Must Die! Demo
Genres Action Strategy Indie
Features Single-player Stats Partial Controller Support Steam Achievements Steam Cloud Steam Leaderboards
Developers Robot Entertainment
Publishers Robot Entertainment
Micro Trailer
Tower Defense 474
Action 292
Strategy 251
Third Person 195
Fantasy 168
Indie 162
Singleplayer 157
Comedy 127
Funny 95
Third-Person Shooter 87
Cartoony 68
Magic 59
Great Soundtrack 50
Score Attack 45
Multiplayer 44
Shooter 40
Addictive 40
Adventure 28
RPG 27
Arcade 25
Tag Votes over time
Name Count
Tower Defense 474
Action 292
Strategy 251
Third Person 195
Fantasy 168
Indie 162
Singleplayer 157
Comedy 127
Funny 95
Third-Person Shooter 87
Cartoony 68
Magic 59
Great Soundtrack 50
Score Attack 45
Multiplayer 44
Shooter 40
Addictive 40
Adventure 28
RPG 27
Arcade 25
Country Final Initial Discount %
Chinese Renminbi
Chinese Renminbi
CN¥ 37.00
$ 9.99
Russian Ruble
Russian Ruble
RUB 259.00
Pound Sterling
Pound Sterling
£ 7.19
United States Dollar
United States Dollar
$ 9.99
Peak All Time 133
Peak Last Week 60
Peak Last 10 minutes 42
Average Playtime (On Game DB) 4 hours, 11 minutes
Owners By Steam Spy
Owners 1,000,000 - 2,000,000
Average Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Average Playtime (Forever) 5.8 hours
Median Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Forever) 3.5 hours
Player Countries
United States 27.70%
United Kingdom 8.62%
Germany 5.54%
Canada 5.25%
Russia 4.20%
Australia 4.08%
Poland 3.78%
Brazil 2.91%
France 2.14%
Netherlands 2.09%
Sweden 1.86%
China 1.80%
Japan 1.68%
Finland 1.45%
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From 794,909 players. Not live.
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Average Completion
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Key Section Value
version Other 28
change_number Other 9483964
updated_steam Other 30 Sep 20 13:02
updated_game_db Other 24 Oct 20 10:05
type Other Game
developer Extended Robot Entertainment
dlcavailableonstore Extended
dlcpurchasefromingame Extended
gamedir Extended Orcs Must Die!
homepage Extended http://www.orcsmustdie.com
icon Extended
installscript Extended installscript.vdf
listofdlc Extended 102610, 102620, 102621, 102622, 102623, 102624, 102625
noservers Extended
order Extended 1
primarycache Extended 102601
publisher Extended Robot Entertainment
sdk_notownedbydefault Extended
serverbrowsername Extended
state Extended eStateAvailable
associations Common
  • Developer: Robot Entertainment
  • Publisher: Robot Entertainment
category Common 2, 15, 18, 22, 23, 25
clienticon Common
clienttga Common 81d384ee833e896bbf44948fa435e448cbcfc44e
community_hub_visible Common
community_visible_stats Common
controller_support Common Partial
gameid Common 102600
genres Common 1, 2, 23
header_image Common
  • english: header.jpg
icon Common
languages Common brazilian, english, french, german, italian, japanese, polish, russian, spanish
library_assets Common
{ "library_capsule": "en", "library_hero": "en", "library_logo": "en", "logo_position": { "height_pct": "43.16076941344099", "pinned_position": "CenterCenter", "width_pct": "32.03033838973164" } }
logo Common
logo_small Common
metacritic_fullurl Common https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/orcs-must-die!?ftag=MCD-06-10aaa1f
metacritic_name Common Orcs Must Die!
metacritic_score Common 83%
name Common Orcs Must Die!
osarch Common
oslist Common windows
primary_genre Common 1
review_percentage Common 96%
review_score Common 9
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
steam_release_date Common 12 Oct 19:00
store_asset_mtime Common 17 Jun 18:43
store_tags Common 9, 19, 21, 122, 492, 1645, 1684, 1697, 1719, 1756, 1773, 1774, 3814, 3859, 4057, 4136, 4182, 4190, 4195, 5154
supported_languages Common Brazilian + Full Audio, English + Full Audio, French + Full Audio, German + Full Audio, Italian + Full Audio, Japanese + Full Audio, Polish + Full Audio, Russian + Full Audio, Spanish + Full Audio
type Common Game
hidecloudui UFS
maxnumfiles UFS 1,000
quota UFS 105 MB
contenttype Config 3
installdir Config Orcs Must Die!
ID Name Configs Manifests Encrypted Manifests Max Size App DLC App SD Op SI SD LV AR
102602 Orcs Must Die! EXE
22 MB
102621 Orcs Must Die! - War Mage's Toolbox DLC
3.1 MB 102621
102622 Orcs Must Die! - Artifacts of Power DLC
412 kB 102622
102632 Orcs Must Die! German
58 MB
102633 Orcs Must Die! French
54 MB
102634 Orcs Must Die! Italian
55 MB
102638 Orcs Must Die! Polish
62 MB
102639 Orcs Must Die! Czech
16 B
102601 Orcs Must Die! Content
3.4 GB
102603 Orcs Must Die! DemoContent
1.1 GB
102630 Orcs Must Die! English
54 MB
102637 Orcs Must Die! Portuguese
52 MB
102620 Orcs Must Die! - Cardboard Tube Samurai DLC
2.7 MB 102620
102631 Orcs Must Die! Spanish
52 MB
102635 Orcs Must Die! Russian
61 MB
102623 Orcs Must Die! - Lost Adventures DLC
641 MB 102623
102624 Orcs Must Die! - Knight of the Order DLC
2.5 MB 102624
102636 Orcs Must Die! Japanese
55 MB
Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
public 16691 0
Key Value
overridescddb 1
Order Executable Arguments Description Type OS List OS Architecture Owns DLCs Beta Key Working Dir VAC Module Filename VR Mode
0 build\\release\\orcsmustdie.exe
Key Value
Name Display Default
totalkills Total Kills 0
totalkillsdev Total Kills Dev 0
Chaos Chamber_won Chaos Chamber Won 0
Chaos Chamber_failed Chaos Chamber Failed 0
Chaos Chamber_restarted Chaos Chamber Restarted 0
Chaos Chamber_played Chaos Chamber Played 0
Chaos Chamber_wonnightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Won 0
Chaos Chamber_failednightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Failed 0
Chaos Chamber_restartednightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Restarted 0
Chaos Chamber_playednightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Played 0
Chaos Chamber_skulls Chaos Chamber Skulls 0
Chaos Chamber_skullsnightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Skulls 0
Chaos Chamber_score Chaos Chamber Score 0
Chaos Chamber_scorenightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Score 0
Chaos Chamber_riftpointslost Chaos Chamber Rift Points Lost 0
Chaos Chamber_riftpointslostnightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Chaos Chamber_time Chaos Chamber Completion Time (s) 0
Chaos Chamber_timenightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Chaos Chamber_combatkills Chaos Chamber Combat Kills 0
Chaos Chamber_combatkillsnightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Chaos Chamber_trapkills Chaos Chamber Trap/Minion Kills 0
Chaos Chamber_trapkillsnightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Chaos Chamber_killstreak Chaos Chamber Largest Kill Streak 0
Chaos Chamber_killstreaknightmare Chaos Chamber Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Chokepoint_won Chokepoint Won 0
Chokepoint_failed Chokepoint Failed 0
Chokepoint_restarted Chokepoint Restarted 0
Chokepoint_played Chokepoint Played 0
Chokepoint_wonnightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Won 0
Chokepoint_failednightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Failed 0
Chokepoint_restartednightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Restarted 0
Chokepoint_playednightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Played 0
Chokepoint_skulls Chokepoint Skulls 0
Chokepoint_skullsnightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Skulls 0
Chokepoint_score Chokepoint Score 0
Chokepoint_scorenightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Score 0
Chokepoint_riftpointslost Chokepoint Rift Points Lost 0
Chokepoint_riftpointslostnightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Chokepoint_time Chokepoint Completion Time (s) 0
Chokepoint_timenightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Chokepoint_combatkills Chokepoint Combat Kills 0
Chokepoint_combatkillsnightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Chokepoint_trapkills Chokepoint Trap/Minion Kills 0
Chokepoint_trapkillsnightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Chokepoint_killstreak Chokepoint Largest Kill Streak 0
Chokepoint_killstreaknightmare Chokepoint Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Corner_won Corner Won 0
Corner_failed Corner Failed 0
Corner_restarted Corner Restarted 0
Corner_played Corner Played 0
Corner_wonnightmare Corner Nightmare Won 0
Corner_failednightmare Corner Nightmare Failed 0
Corner_restartednightmare Corner Nightmare Restarted 0
Corner_playednightmare Corner Nightmare Played 0
Corner_skulls Corner Skulls 0
Corner_skullsnightmare Corner Nightmare Skulls 0
Corner_score Corner Score 0
Corner_scorenightmare Corner Nightmare Score 0
Corner_riftpointslost Corner Rift Points Lost 0
Corner_riftpointslostnightmare Corner Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Corner_time Corner Completion Time (s) 0
Corner_timenightmare Corner Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Corner_combatkills Corner Combat Kills 0
Corner_combatkillsnightmare Corner Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Corner_trapkills Corner Trap/Minion Kills 0
Corner_trapkillsnightmare Corner Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Corner_killstreak Corner Largest Kill Streak 0
Corner_killstreaknightmare Corner Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_won DLC020_DoubleTrouble Won 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_failed DLC020_DoubleTrouble Failed 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_restarted DLC020_DoubleTrouble Restarted 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_played DLC020_DoubleTrouble Played 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_wonnightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Won 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_failednightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Failed 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_restartednightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Restarted 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_playednightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Played 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_skulls DLC020_DoubleTrouble Skulls 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_skullsnightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Skulls 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_score DLC020_DoubleTrouble Score 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_scorenightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Score 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_riftpointslost DLC020_DoubleTrouble Rift Points Lost 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_riftpointslostnightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_time DLC020_DoubleTrouble Completion Time (s) 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_timenightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_combatkills DLC020_DoubleTrouble Combat Kills 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_combatkillsnightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Combat Kills 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_trapkills DLC020_DoubleTrouble Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_trapkillsnightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_killstreak DLC020_DoubleTrouble Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC020_DoubleTrouble_killstreaknightmare DLC020_DoubleTrouble Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_won DLC021_GreatGorge Won 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_failed DLC021_GreatGorge Failed 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_restarted DLC021_GreatGorge Restarted 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_played DLC021_GreatGorge Played 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_wonnightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Won 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_failednightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Failed 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_restartednightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Restarted 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_playednightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Played 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_skulls DLC021_GreatGorge Skulls 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_skullsnightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Skulls 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_score DLC021_GreatGorge Score 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_scorenightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Score 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_riftpointslost DLC021_GreatGorge Rift Points Lost 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_riftpointslostnightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_time DLC021_GreatGorge Completion Time (s) 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_timenightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_combatkills DLC021_GreatGorge Combat Kills 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_combatkillsnightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Combat Kills 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_trapkills DLC021_GreatGorge Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_trapkillsnightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_killstreak DLC021_GreatGorge Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC021_GreatGorge_killstreaknightmare DLC021_GreatGorge Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_won DLC022_ReverseTower Won 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_failed DLC022_ReverseTower Failed 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_restarted DLC022_ReverseTower Restarted 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_played DLC022_ReverseTower Played 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_wonnightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Won 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_failednightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Failed 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_restartednightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Restarted 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_playednightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Played 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_skulls DLC022_ReverseTower Skulls 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_skullsnightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Skulls 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_score DLC022_ReverseTower Score 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_scorenightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Score 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_riftpointslost DLC022_ReverseTower Rift Points Lost 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_riftpointslostnightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_time DLC022_ReverseTower Completion Time (s) 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_timenightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_combatkills DLC022_ReverseTower Combat Kills 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_combatkillsnightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Combat Kills 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_trapkills DLC022_ReverseTower Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_trapkillsnightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_killstreak DLC022_ReverseTower Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC022_ReverseTower_killstreaknightmare DLC022_ReverseTower Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC023_ThePit_won DLC023_ThePit Won 0
DLC023_ThePit_failed DLC023_ThePit Failed 0
DLC023_ThePit_restarted DLC023_ThePit Restarted 0
DLC023_ThePit_played DLC023_ThePit Played 0
DLC023_ThePit_wonnightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Won 0
DLC023_ThePit_failednightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Failed 0
DLC023_ThePit_restartednightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Restarted 0
DLC023_ThePit_playednightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Played 0
DLC023_ThePit_skulls DLC023_ThePit Skulls 0
DLC023_ThePit_skullsnightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Skulls 0
DLC023_ThePit_score DLC023_ThePit Score 0
DLC023_ThePit_scorenightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Score 0
DLC023_ThePit_riftpointslost DLC023_ThePit Rift Points Lost 0
DLC023_ThePit_riftpointslostnightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
DLC023_ThePit_time DLC023_ThePit Completion Time (s) 0
DLC023_ThePit_timenightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
DLC023_ThePit_combatkills DLC023_ThePit Combat Kills 0
DLC023_ThePit_combatkillsnightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Combat Kills 0
DLC023_ThePit_trapkills DLC023_ThePit Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC023_ThePit_trapkillsnightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC023_ThePit_killstreak DLC023_ThePit Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC023_ThePit_killstreaknightmare DLC023_ThePit Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC024_TripleDown_won DLC024_TripleDown Won 0
DLC024_TripleDown_failed DLC024_TripleDown Failed 0
DLC024_TripleDown_restarted DLC024_TripleDown Restarted 0
DLC024_TripleDown_played DLC024_TripleDown Played 0
DLC024_TripleDown_wonnightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Won 0
DLC024_TripleDown_failednightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Failed 0
DLC024_TripleDown_restartednightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Restarted 0
DLC024_TripleDown_playednightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Played 0
DLC024_TripleDown_skulls DLC024_TripleDown Skulls 0
DLC024_TripleDown_skullsnightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Skulls 0
DLC024_TripleDown_score DLC024_TripleDown Score 0
DLC024_TripleDown_scorenightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Score 0
DLC024_TripleDown_riftpointslost DLC024_TripleDown Rift Points Lost 0
DLC024_TripleDown_riftpointslostnightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
DLC024_TripleDown_time DLC024_TripleDown Completion Time (s) 0
DLC024_TripleDown_timenightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
DLC024_TripleDown_combatkills DLC024_TripleDown Combat Kills 0
DLC024_TripleDown_combatkillsnightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Combat Kills 0
DLC024_TripleDown_trapkills DLC024_TripleDown Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC024_TripleDown_trapkillsnightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
DLC024_TripleDown_killstreak DLC024_TripleDown Largest Kill Streak 0
DLC024_TripleDown_killstreaknightmare DLC024_TripleDown Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Finale_won Finale Won 0
Finale_failed Finale Failed 0
Finale_restarted Finale Restarted 0
Finale_played Finale Played 0
Finale_wonnightmare Finale Nightmare Won 0
Finale_failednightmare Finale Nightmare Failed 0
Finale_restartednightmare Finale Nightmare Restarted 0
Finale_playednightmare Finale Nightmare Played 0
Finale_skulls Finale Skulls 0
Finale_skullsnightmare Finale Nightmare Skulls 0
Finale_score Finale Score 0
Finale_scorenightmare Finale Nightmare Score 0
Finale_riftpointslost Finale Rift Points Lost 0
Finale_riftpointslostnightmare Finale Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Finale_time Finale Completion Time (s) 0
Finale_timenightmare Finale Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Finale_combatkills Finale Combat Kills 0
Finale_combatkillsnightmare Finale Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Finale_trapkills Finale Trap/Minion Kills 0
Finale_trapkillsnightmare Finale Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Finale_killstreak Finale Largest Kill Streak 0
Finale_killstreaknightmare Finale Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Gateway_won Gateway Won 0
Gateway_failed Gateway Failed 0
Gateway_restarted Gateway Restarted 0
Gateway_played Gateway Played 0
Gateway_wonnightmare Gateway Nightmare Won 0
Gateway_failednightmare Gateway Nightmare Failed 0
Gateway_restartednightmare Gateway Nightmare Restarted 0
Gateway_playednightmare Gateway Nightmare Played 0
Gateway_skulls Gateway Skulls 0
Gateway_skullsnightmare Gateway Nightmare Skulls 0
Gateway_score Gateway Score 0
Gateway_scorenightmare Gateway Nightmare Score 0
Gateway_riftpointslost Gateway Rift Points Lost 0
Gateway_riftpointslostnightmare Gateway Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Gateway_time Gateway Completion Time (s) 0
Gateway_timenightmare Gateway Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Gateway_combatkills Gateway Combat Kills 0
Gateway_combatkillsnightmare Gateway Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Gateway_trapkills Gateway Trap/Minion Kills 0
Gateway_trapkillsnightmare Gateway Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Gateway_killstreak Gateway Largest Kill Streak 0
Gateway_killstreaknightmare Gateway Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Hallway_won Hallway Won 0
Hallway_failed Hallway Failed 0
Hallway_restarted Hallway Restarted 0
Hallway_played Hallway Played 0
Hallway_wonnightmare Hallway Nightmare Won 0
Hallway_failednightmare Hallway Nightmare Failed 0
Hallway_restartednightmare Hallway Nightmare Restarted 0
Hallway_playednightmare Hallway Nightmare Played 0
Hallway_skulls Hallway Skulls 0
Hallway_skullsnightmare Hallway Nightmare Skulls 0
Hallway_score Hallway Score 0
Hallway_scorenightmare Hallway Nightmare Score 0
Hallway_riftpointslost Hallway Rift Points Lost 0
Hallway_riftpointslostnightmare Hallway Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Hallway_time Hallway Completion Time (s) 0
Hallway_timenightmare Hallway Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Hallway_combatkills Hallway Combat Kills 0
Hallway_combatkillsnightmare Hallway Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Hallway_trapkills Hallway Trap/Minion Kills 0
Hallway_trapkillsnightmare Hallway Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Hallway_killstreak Hallway Largest Kill Streak 0
Hallway_killstreaknightmare Hallway Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Hard Climb_won Hard Climb Won 0
Hard Climb_failed Hard Climb Failed 0
Hard Climb_restarted Hard Climb Restarted 0
Hard Climb_played Hard Climb Played 0
Hard Climb_wonnightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Won 0
Hard Climb_failednightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Failed 0
Hard Climb_restartednightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Restarted 0
Hard Climb_playednightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Played 0
Hard Climb_skulls Hard Climb Skulls 0
Hard Climb_skullsnightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Skulls 0
Hard Climb_score Hard Climb Score 0
Hard Climb_scorenightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Score 0
Hard Climb_riftpointslost Hard Climb Rift Points Lost 0
Hard Climb_riftpointslostnightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Hard Climb_time Hard Climb Completion Time (s) 0
Hard Climb_timenightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Hard Climb_combatkills Hard Climb Combat Kills 0
Hard Climb_combatkillsnightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Hard Climb_trapkills Hard Climb Trap/Minion Kills 0
Hard Climb_trapkillsnightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Hard Climb_killstreak Hard Climb Largest Kill Streak 0
Hard Climb_killstreaknightmare Hard Climb Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Killing Fields_won Killing Fields Won 0
Killing Fields_failed Killing Fields Failed 0
Killing Fields_restarted Killing Fields Restarted 0
Killing Fields_played Killing Fields Played 0
Killing Fields_wonnightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Won 0
Killing Fields_failednightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Failed 0
Killing Fields_restartednightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Restarted 0
Killing Fields_playednightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Played 0
Killing Fields_skulls Killing Fields Skulls 0
Killing Fields_skullsnightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Skulls 0
Killing Fields_score Killing Fields Score 0
Killing Fields_scorenightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Score 0
Killing Fields_riftpointslost Killing Fields Rift Points Lost 0
Killing Fields_riftpointslostnightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Killing Fields_time Killing Fields Completion Time (s) 0
Killing Fields_timenightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Killing Fields_combatkills Killing Fields Combat Kills 0
Killing Fields_combatkillsnightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Killing Fields_trapkills Killing Fields Trap/Minion Kills 0
Killing Fields_trapkillsnightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Killing Fields_killstreak Killing Fields Largest Kill Streak 0
Killing Fields_killstreaknightmare Killing Fields Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Library_won Library Won 0
Library_failed Library Failed 0
Library_restarted Library Restarted 0
Library_played Library Played 0
Library_wonnightmare Library Nightmare Won 0
Library_failednightmare Library Nightmare Failed 0
Library_restartednightmare Library Nightmare Restarted 0
Library_playednightmare Library Nightmare Played 0
Library_skulls Library Skulls 0
Library_skullsnightmare Library Nightmare Skulls 0
Library_score Library Score 0
Library_scorenightmare Library Nightmare Score 0
Library_riftpointslost Library Rift Points Lost 0
Library_riftpointslostnightmare Library Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Library_time Library Completion Time (s) 0
Library_timenightmare Library Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Library_combatkills Library Combat Kills 0
Library_combatkillsnightmare Library Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Library_trapkills Library Trap/Minion Kills 0
Library_trapkillsnightmare Library Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Library_killstreak Library Largest Kill Streak 0
Library_killstreaknightmare Library Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Lunch Break_won Lunch Break Won 0
Lunch Break_failed Lunch Break Failed 0
Lunch Break_restarted Lunch Break Restarted 0
Lunch Break_played Lunch Break Played 0
Lunch Break_wonnightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Won 0
Lunch Break_failednightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Failed 0
Lunch Break_restartednightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Restarted 0
Lunch Break_playednightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Played 0
Lunch Break_skulls Lunch Break Skulls 0
Lunch Break_skullsnightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Skulls 0
Lunch Break_score Lunch Break Score 0
Lunch Break_scorenightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Score 0
Lunch Break_riftpointslost Lunch Break Rift Points Lost 0
Lunch Break_riftpointslostnightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Lunch Break_time Lunch Break Completion Time (s) 0
Lunch Break_timenightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Lunch Break_combatkills Lunch Break Combat Kills 0
Lunch Break_combatkillsnightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Lunch Break_trapkills Lunch Break Trap/Minion Kills 0
Lunch Break_trapkillsnightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Lunch Break_killstreak Lunch Break Largest Kill Streak 0
Lunch Break_killstreaknightmare Lunch Break Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Overpass_won Overpass Won 0
Overpass_failed Overpass Failed 0
Overpass_restarted Overpass Restarted 0
Overpass_played Overpass Played 0
Overpass_wonnightmare Overpass Nightmare Won 0
Overpass_failednightmare Overpass Nightmare Failed 0
Overpass_restartednightmare Overpass Nightmare Restarted 0
Overpass_playednightmare Overpass Nightmare Played 0
Overpass_skulls Overpass Skulls 0
Overpass_skullsnightmare Overpass Nightmare Skulls 0
Overpass_score Overpass Score 0
Overpass_scorenightmare Overpass Nightmare Score 0
Overpass_riftpointslost Overpass Rift Points Lost 0
Overpass_riftpointslostnightmare Overpass Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Overpass_time Overpass Completion Time (s) 0
Overpass_timenightmare Overpass Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Overpass_combatkills Overpass Combat Kills 0
Overpass_combatkillsnightmare Overpass Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Overpass_trapkills Overpass Trap/Minion Kills 0
Overpass_trapkillsnightmare Overpass Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Overpass_killstreak Overpass Largest Kill Streak 0
Overpass_killstreaknightmare Overpass Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Rebirth_won Rebirth Won 0
Rebirth_failed Rebirth Failed 0
Rebirth_restarted Rebirth Restarted 0
Rebirth_played Rebirth Played 0
Rebirth_wonnightmare Rebirth Nightmare Won 0
Rebirth_failednightmare Rebirth Nightmare Failed 0
Rebirth_restartednightmare Rebirth Nightmare Restarted 0
Rebirth_playednightmare Rebirth Nightmare Played 0
Rebirth_skulls Rebirth Skulls 0
Rebirth_skullsnightmare Rebirth Nightmare Skulls 0
Rebirth_score Rebirth Score 0
Rebirth_scorenightmare Rebirth Nightmare Score 0
Rebirth_riftpointslost Rebirth Rift Points Lost 0
Rebirth_riftpointslostnightmare Rebirth Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Rebirth_time Rebirth Completion Time (s) 0
Rebirth_timenightmare Rebirth Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Rebirth_combatkills Rebirth Combat Kills 0
Rebirth_combatkillsnightmare Rebirth Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Rebirth_trapkills Rebirth Trap/Minion Kills 0
Rebirth_trapkillsnightmare Rebirth Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Rebirth_killstreak Rebirth Largest Kill Streak 0
Rebirth_killstreaknightmare Rebirth Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Sludge Hole_won Sludge Hole Won 0
Sludge Hole_failed Sludge Hole Failed 0
Sludge Hole_restarted Sludge Hole Restarted 0
Sludge Hole_played Sludge Hole Played 0
Sludge Hole_wonnightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Won 0
Sludge Hole_failednightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Failed 0
Sludge Hole_restartednightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Restarted 0
Sludge Hole_playednightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Played 0
Sludge Hole_skulls Sludge Hole Skulls 0
Sludge Hole_skullsnightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Skulls 0
Sludge Hole_score Sludge Hole Score 0
Sludge Hole_scorenightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Score 0
Sludge Hole_riftpointslost Sludge Hole Rift Points Lost 0
Sludge Hole_riftpointslostnightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Sludge Hole_time Sludge Hole Completion Time (s) 0
Sludge Hole_timenightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Sludge Hole_combatkills Sludge Hole Combat Kills 0
Sludge Hole_combatkillsnightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Sludge Hole_trapkills Sludge Hole Trap/Minion Kills 0
Sludge Hole_trapkillsnightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Sludge Hole_killstreak Sludge Hole Largest Kill Streak 0
Sludge Hole_killstreaknightmare Sludge Hole Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Stairs of Doom_won Stairs of Doom Won 0
Stairs of Doom_failed Stairs of Doom Failed 0
Stairs of Doom_restarted Stairs of Doom Restarted 0
Stairs of Doom_played Stairs of Doom Played 0
Stairs of Doom_wonnightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Won 0
Stairs of Doom_failednightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Failed 0
Stairs of Doom_restartednightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Restarted 0
Stairs of Doom_playednightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Played 0
Stairs of Doom_skulls Stairs of Doom Skulls 0
Stairs of Doom_skullsnightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Skulls 0
Stairs of Doom_score Stairs of Doom Score 0
Stairs of Doom_scorenightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Score 0
Stairs of Doom_riftpointslost Stairs of Doom Rift Points Lost 0
Stairs of Doom_riftpointslostnightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Stairs of Doom_time Stairs of Doom Completion Time (s) 0
Stairs of Doom_timenightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Stairs of Doom_combatkills Stairs of Doom Combat Kills 0
Stairs of Doom_combatkillsnightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Stairs of Doom_trapkills Stairs of Doom Trap/Minion Kills 0
Stairs of Doom_trapkillsnightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Stairs of Doom_killstreak Stairs of Doom Largest Kill Streak 0
Stairs of Doom_killstreaknightmare Stairs of Doom Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Stream_won Stream Won 0
Stream_failed Stream Failed 0
Stream_restarted Stream Restarted 0
Stream_played Stream Played 0
Stream_wonnightmare Stream Nightmare Won 0
Stream_failednightmare Stream Nightmare Failed 0
Stream_restartednightmare Stream Nightmare Restarted 0
Stream_playednightmare Stream Nightmare Played 0
Stream_skulls Stream Skulls 0
Stream_skullsnightmare Stream Nightmare Skulls 0
Stream_score Stream Score 0
Stream_scorenightmare Stream Nightmare Score 0
Stream_riftpointslost Stream Rift Points Lost 0
Stream_riftpointslostnightmare Stream Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Stream_time Stream Completion Time (s) 0
Stream_timenightmare Stream Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Stream_combatkills Stream Combat Kills 0
Stream_combatkillsnightmare Stream Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Stream_trapkills Stream Trap/Minion Kills 0
Stream_trapkillsnightmare Stream Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Stream_killstreak Stream Largest Kill Streak 0
Stream_killstreaknightmare Stream Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Arena_won The Arena Won 0
The Arena_failed The Arena Failed 0
The Arena_restarted The Arena Restarted 0
The Arena_played The Arena Played 0
The Arena_wonnightmare The Arena Nightmare Won 0
The Arena_failednightmare The Arena Nightmare Failed 0
The Arena_restartednightmare The Arena Nightmare Restarted 0
The Arena_playednightmare The Arena Nightmare Played 0
The Arena_skulls The Arena Skulls 0
The Arena_skullsnightmare The Arena Nightmare Skulls 0
The Arena_score The Arena Score 0
The Arena_scorenightmare The Arena Nightmare Score 0
The Arena_riftpointslost The Arena Rift Points Lost 0
The Arena_riftpointslostnightmare The Arena Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Arena_time The Arena Completion Time (s) 0
The Arena_timenightmare The Arena Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Arena_combatkills The Arena Combat Kills 0
The Arena_combatkillsnightmare The Arena Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Arena_trapkills The Arena Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Arena_trapkillsnightmare The Arena Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Arena_killstreak The Arena Largest Kill Streak 0
The Arena_killstreaknightmare The Arena Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Balcony_won The Balcony Won 0
The Balcony_failed The Balcony Failed 0
The Balcony_restarted The Balcony Restarted 0
The Balcony_played The Balcony Played 0
The Balcony_wonnightmare The Balcony Nightmare Won 0
The Balcony_failednightmare The Balcony Nightmare Failed 0
The Balcony_restartednightmare The Balcony Nightmare Restarted 0
The Balcony_playednightmare The Balcony Nightmare Played 0
The Balcony_skulls The Balcony Skulls 0
The Balcony_skullsnightmare The Balcony Nightmare Skulls 0
The Balcony_score The Balcony Score 0
The Balcony_scorenightmare The Balcony Nightmare Score 0
The Balcony_riftpointslost The Balcony Rift Points Lost 0
The Balcony_riftpointslostnightmare The Balcony Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Balcony_time The Balcony Completion Time (s) 0
The Balcony_timenightmare The Balcony Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Balcony_combatkills The Balcony Combat Kills 0
The Balcony_combatkillsnightmare The Balcony Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Balcony_trapkills The Balcony Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Balcony_trapkillsnightmare The Balcony Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Balcony_killstreak The Balcony Largest Kill Streak 0
The Balcony_killstreaknightmare The Balcony Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Baths_won The Baths Won 0
The Baths_failed The Baths Failed 0
The Baths_restarted The Baths Restarted 0
The Baths_played The Baths Played 0
The Baths_wonnightmare The Baths Nightmare Won 0
The Baths_failednightmare The Baths Nightmare Failed 0
The Baths_restartednightmare The Baths Nightmare Restarted 0
The Baths_playednightmare The Baths Nightmare Played 0
The Baths_skulls The Baths Skulls 0
The Baths_skullsnightmare The Baths Nightmare Skulls 0
The Baths_score The Baths Score 0
The Baths_scorenightmare The Baths Nightmare Score 0
The Baths_riftpointslost The Baths Rift Points Lost 0
The Baths_riftpointslostnightmare The Baths Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Baths_time The Baths Completion Time (s) 0
The Baths_timenightmare The Baths Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Baths_combatkills The Baths Combat Kills 0
The Baths_combatkillsnightmare The Baths Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Baths_trapkills The Baths Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Baths_trapkillsnightmare The Baths Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Baths_killstreak The Baths Largest Kill Streak 0
The Baths_killstreaknightmare The Baths Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Bridge_won The Bridge Won 0
The Bridge_failed The Bridge Failed 0
The Bridge_restarted The Bridge Restarted 0
The Bridge_played The Bridge Played 0
The Bridge_wonnightmare The Bridge Nightmare Won 0
The Bridge_failednightmare The Bridge Nightmare Failed 0
The Bridge_restartednightmare The Bridge Nightmare Restarted 0
The Bridge_playednightmare The Bridge Nightmare Played 0
The Bridge_skulls The Bridge Skulls 0
The Bridge_skullsnightmare The Bridge Nightmare Skulls 0
The Bridge_score The Bridge Score 0
The Bridge_scorenightmare The Bridge Nightmare Score 0
The Bridge_riftpointslost The Bridge Rift Points Lost 0
The Bridge_riftpointslostnightmare The Bridge Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Bridge_time The Bridge Completion Time (s) 0
The Bridge_timenightmare The Bridge Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Bridge_combatkills The Bridge Combat Kills 0
The Bridge_combatkillsnightmare The Bridge Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Bridge_trapkills The Bridge Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Bridge_trapkillsnightmare The Bridge Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Bridge_killstreak The Bridge Largest Kill Streak 0
The Bridge_killstreaknightmare The Bridge Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Corner 2_won The Corner 2 Won 0
The Corner 2_failed The Corner 2 Failed 0
The Corner 2_restarted The Corner 2 Restarted 0
The Corner 2_played The Corner 2 Played 0
The Corner 2_wonnightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Won 0
The Corner 2_failednightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Failed 0
The Corner 2_restartednightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Restarted 0
The Corner 2_playednightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Played 0
The Corner 2_skulls The Corner 2 Skulls 0
The Corner 2_skullsnightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Skulls 0
The Corner 2_score The Corner 2 Score 0
The Corner 2_scorenightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Score 0
The Corner 2_riftpointslost The Corner 2 Rift Points Lost 0
The Corner 2_riftpointslostnightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Corner 2_time The Corner 2 Completion Time (s) 0
The Corner 2_timenightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Corner 2_combatkills The Corner 2 Combat Kills 0
The Corner 2_combatkillsnightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Corner 2_trapkills The Corner 2 Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Corner 2_trapkillsnightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Corner 2_killstreak The Corner 2 Largest Kill Streak 0
The Corner 2_killstreaknightmare The Corner 2 Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Fork_won The Fork Won 0
The Fork_failed The Fork Failed 0
The Fork_restarted The Fork Restarted 0
The Fork_played The Fork Played 0
The Fork_wonnightmare The Fork Nightmare Won 0
The Fork_failednightmare The Fork Nightmare Failed 0
The Fork_restartednightmare The Fork Nightmare Restarted 0
The Fork_playednightmare The Fork Nightmare Played 0
The Fork_skulls The Fork Skulls 0
The Fork_skullsnightmare The Fork Nightmare Skulls 0
The Fork_score The Fork Score 0
The Fork_scorenightmare The Fork Nightmare Score 0
The Fork_riftpointslost The Fork Rift Points Lost 0
The Fork_riftpointslostnightmare The Fork Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Fork_time The Fork Completion Time (s) 0
The Fork_timenightmare The Fork Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Fork_combatkills The Fork Combat Kills 0
The Fork_combatkillsnightmare The Fork Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Fork_trapkills The Fork Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Fork_trapkillsnightmare The Fork Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Fork_killstreak The Fork Largest Kill Streak 0
The Fork_killstreaknightmare The Fork Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
The Squeeze_won The Squeeze Won 0
The Squeeze_failed The Squeeze Failed 0
The Squeeze_restarted The Squeeze Restarted 0
The Squeeze_played The Squeeze Played 0
The Squeeze_wonnightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Won 0
The Squeeze_failednightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Failed 0
The Squeeze_restartednightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Restarted 0
The Squeeze_playednightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Played 0
The Squeeze_skulls The Squeeze Skulls 0
The Squeeze_skullsnightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Skulls 0
The Squeeze_score The Squeeze Score 0
The Squeeze_scorenightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Score 0
The Squeeze_riftpointslost The Squeeze Rift Points Lost 0
The Squeeze_riftpointslostnightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
The Squeeze_time The Squeeze Completion Time (s) 0
The Squeeze_timenightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
The Squeeze_combatkills The Squeeze Combat Kills 0
The Squeeze_combatkillsnightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Combat Kills 0
The Squeeze_trapkills The Squeeze Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Squeeze_trapkillsnightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
The Squeeze_killstreak The Squeeze Largest Kill Streak 0
The Squeeze_killstreaknightmare The Squeeze Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Tower_won Tower Won 0
Tower_failed Tower Failed 0
Tower_restarted Tower Restarted 0
Tower_played Tower Played 0
Tower_wonnightmare Tower Nightmare Won 0
Tower_failednightmare Tower Nightmare Failed 0
Tower_restartednightmare Tower Nightmare Restarted 0
Tower_playednightmare Tower Nightmare Played 0
Tower_skulls Tower Skulls 0
Tower_skullsnightmare Tower Nightmare Skulls 0
Tower_score Tower Score 0
Tower_scorenightmare Tower Nightmare Score 0
Tower_riftpointslost Tower Rift Points Lost 0
Tower_riftpointslostnightmare Tower Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Tower_time Tower Completion Time (s) 0
Tower_timenightmare Tower Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Tower_combatkills Tower Combat Kills 0
Tower_combatkillsnightmare Tower Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Tower_trapkills Tower Trap/Minion Kills 0
Tower_trapkillsnightmare Tower Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Tower_killstreak Tower Largest Kill Streak 0
Tower_killstreaknightmare Tower Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0
Twin Halls_won Twin Halls Won 0
Twin Halls_failed Twin Halls Failed 0
Twin Halls_restarted Twin Halls Restarted 0
Twin Halls_played Twin Halls Played 0
Twin Halls_wonnightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Won 0
Twin Halls_failednightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Failed 0
Twin Halls_restartednightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Restarted 0
Twin Halls_playednightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Played 0
Twin Halls_skulls Twin Halls Skulls 0
Twin Halls_skullsnightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Skulls 0
Twin Halls_score Twin Halls Score 0
Twin Halls_scorenightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Score 0
Twin Halls_riftpointslost Twin Halls Rift Points Lost 0
Twin Halls_riftpointslostnightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Rift Points Lost 0
Twin Halls_time Twin Halls Completion Time (s) 0
Twin Halls_timenightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Completion Time (s) 0
Twin Halls_combatkills Twin Halls Combat Kills 0
Twin Halls_combatkillsnightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Combat Kills 0
Twin Halls_trapkills Twin Halls Trap/Minion Kills 0
Twin Halls_trapkillsnightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Trap/Minion Kills 0
Twin Halls_killstreak Twin Halls Largest Kill Streak 0
Twin Halls_killstreaknightmare Twin Halls Nightmare Largest Kill Streak 0