Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi

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Price $ 5.99
Players 1 now, 3 week peak
Review Score 83.33% (4 0 )
Followers 79 (Group)
Achievements 35
Bundles & Packages 1
Average Playtime -
Release Date 19 May 2020
Micro Trailer
Description The Bishoujo girls from "Rikku☆Jiasu" mobile military turn-based strategy game from Japan are here! And they want to play Koi-Koi, the most famous Japanese flower card game with you. Battle the girls in a tour around Japan. Or hop on multiplayer and compete against Koi-Koi masters around the world.
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Chinese Renminbi
Chinese Renminbi
CN¥ 26.00
$ 5.99
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Russian Ruble
RUB 154.00
Pound Sterling
Pound Sterling
£ 4.79
United States Dollar
United States Dollar
$ 5.99
Peak All Time 8
Peak Last Week 3
Peak Last 10 minutes 1
Average Last Week 0.28
Owner Estimations By Steam Spy
Owners 0 - 20,000
Average Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Average Playtime (Forever) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Two Weeks) 0 hours
Median Playtime (Forever) 0 hours
Player Count - 1 Week
Player Count - 5 Years
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Name Release
Achievements 35
Average Completion 38.51%
Name Completed

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Score 83.33%
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Key Section Value
version Other 5
change_number Other 8620862
updated_steam Other 05 Jun 20 16:29
updated_game_db Other 05 Jun 20 16:31
type Other Game
developer Extended Zoo Corporation
publisher Extended Zoo Corporation
associations Common
  • Developer: Zoo Corporation
  • Publisher: Zoo Corporation
category Common 1, 2, 22, 23, 25, 36, 49
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{ "library_capsule": "en", "library_hero": "en", "library_logo": "en", "logo_position": { "height_pct": "41.64094039420566", "pinned_position": "BottomLeft", "width_pct": "21.878646441073514" } }
logo Common
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name Common Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi
name_localized Common
  • japanese: りっく☆じあ~す 花札こいこい
osarch Common
osextended Common
oslist Common windows
primary_genre Common 4
releasestate Common Released
review_percentage Common 70%
review_score Common 6
small_capsule Common
  • english: capsule_231x87.jpg
steam_release_date Common 19 May 00:49
store_asset_mtime Common 08 May 01:31
store_tags Common 597, 1666, 3878, 4085, 4726, 6650, 12095
supported_languages Common English + Subtitles, Japanese + Subtitles
type Common Game
maxnumfiles UFS 1
quota UFS 10 kB
savefiles UFS
  • Path: _save, Pattern: KoikoiSavdat.dat, Root: gameinstall
installdir Config Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi
ID Name Configs Manifests Encrypted Manifests Max Size App DLC App SD Op SI SD LV AR
1301471 Bishoujo Battle Hanafuda Koi-Koi Content
212 MB
Name Description Build ID Time Updated Password Required LCS Required Default For Subs Unlock For Subs
public 5026190 1589451147
Order Executable Arguments Description Type OS List OS Architecture Owns DLCs Beta Key Working Dir VAC Module Filename VR Mode
0 bb_hanafuda_koikoi.exe none windows
Key Value
Name Display Default