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For Game Evergate
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Release Date 10 Nov 2020
Features Additional High-Quality Audio
Developers Stone Lantern Games LLC
Publishers PQube Limited
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M.R. Miller


Mixing \\u0026 Score Design: Steve Kempster\\r\\nMastering: Emily Lazar at The Lodge, NYC assisted by Chris Allgood\\r\\nOrchestration: Chad Seiter\\r\\nElectroacoustic Harp: Lara Somogyi\\r\\nCello: Ro Rowan\\r\\nViolin: Gene Back\\r\\nTrumpet: Ariel Wexler\\r\\nPercussion: Simone Ovsey\\r\\nGuzheng: Kathy Qianqian Jin\\r\\nLiuqin: Leng Yijing 冷昱瑾\\r\\nLiuqin Recording: Jaco 黄杰\\r\\nKatajjaq Vocals: Nina Segalowitz\\r\\nKatajjaq Recording: Pakesso Mukash\\r\\nKatajjaq Contractor: Jasper Randall \\u0026 Ashkan Karimloo, Encompass Music Partners\\r\\nChoir Director: Shannon McNulty\\r\\nAfterlife Choir: Emily Jane Benjamin, Amber Castriotta, Jessica Chen, Shanying Cui, Sara DelAguila, Erin Hudkins, Elise Lowe, Shannon McNulty, Cayman Pacific, Lindsay Willis, Erin Zagzoug\\r\\nThe Treble Voices of the Marlborough High School A Cappella Choir: Alicia Bibi, Amber Castriotta, Paulina Estrella, Samantha Gamber, Elise Lowe, Sarah McKinnon, Cayman Pacific, Nora Tynan, Daniela Velasco Ardilla, Zoey Wilcox, Erin Zagzoug\\r\\nAdditional Vocal Recording: Alexander Koutzoukis for Plaid Productions; Daniela Velasco Ardilla, Pedro Bassetti\\r\\nStrings: FAME'S Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra\\r\\nConductor: Oleg Kondratenko\\r\\nSound Recordist: Teodora Arsovska\\r\\nPro Tools Operator: Igor Vasilev\\r\\nStage Managers: Riste Trajkovski, Ilija Grkovski\\r\\nScore Preparation: Chad Seiter \\u0026 Susie Benchasil Seiter\\r\\nRecording Consultant: Steve Kempster\\r\\nSpecial thanks: Austin Wintory \\u0026 Emily Rice

# Disc 1 Duration
19 Northern Lights Alone 3:54
24 Prayer for the Lost 3:0
36 Evergate Suite 9:51
17 The Wilderness 2:8
2 A Tale of Two Souls 2:5
16 Summer Hunt 1:47
23 The Bombing 1:45
5 II. China 1715: The Secret Garden 3:38
8 The Enchanted Forest 2:50
11 Sibling Rivalry 2:43
4 The Evergate 2:33
14 Flurries 3:25
27 V. New York 2071: Neon Wasteland 2:55
22 Air Raid 1:41
26 The Storm Siege 1:26
13 III. Alaska 1838: The Frozen Tundra 2:24
7 Revelry 3:6
9 Messengers of the Storm 1:34
21 Truancy 3:20
32 Into the Heart of the Storm 5:14
25 Broken Spirits 1:13
29 The Space Between 3:40
30 Betrayal 5:9
34 Together 2:33
12 Kindred Spirits 2:50
15 The Blizzard 2:45
10 Mid-Autumn Festival 2:16
6 Koi Dances 2:51
33 Sister and Brother 1:24
35 VII. Afterword: Lullaby (Music Box) 2:6
1 I. Afterlife: Lullaby 2:33
3 Flight to the Library 1:58
20 IV. England 1942: Independence 2:41
28 Police 2:52
31 VI. The Storm: Fragmented Memories 4:56
18 Drifting Apart 2:48
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