RUNE II: Official Soundtrack

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For Game RUNE II: Decapitation Edition
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Review Score 80.00% (3 0 )
Release Date 13 Nov 2020
Genres Action RPG Adventure
Developers Human Head Studios
Publishers Ragnarok Game, LLC
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Action 31
Adventure 31
RPG 31
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Dean Valentine


Dean Valentine

# Disc 1 Duration
14 Ragnarok Exploration Theme V 2:8
1 Rune II Main Theme 3:18
2 Thor and Mjolnir 2:52
12 Myrkvidr The Forest 1:20
8 Viking Battle Theme IIII 1:33
11 Viking Battle Theme III 1:48
20 Viking Battle Theme I 1:30
21 Rune II Official Trailer 1:36
6 Loki The Trickster 2:33
9 Sea Battle Theme 1:36
15 Grasslands Theme 1:19
16 Viking Battle Theme II 1:47
5 Hel's Army 2:16
10 Viking Battle Theme VI 1:22
19 Ragnarok Exploration Theme IIII 2:13
7 Flight of the Valkyrie 1:33
3 Odin The Allfather 2:13
13 Sailing Theme I 1:36
4 Freyas Bow 2:2
17 Ragnarok Exploration Theme I 2:8
18 Ragnarok Exploration Theme II 1:18
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