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Saxton Hell (SaxtonHell)

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Official Steam group for the Saxton Hell community

Welcome to the official Steam group of the Saxton Hell servers! We encourage you to join our community and invite your friends if you enjoyed playing on our servers.

Be sure to visit our website[saxtonhell.com] to participate in official give-aways and raffles[saxtonhell.com], or to voice your opinion on our forums[forums.saxtonhell.com]!

Our TF2 Servers

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IP Address
Saxton Hell
Deathrun Hell #1
Deathrun Hell #2
Trading Hell
PropHunt Hell
FreakFortress Hell
Jump Hell
Dodgeball Hell
Zombie Hell
FortWar Hell
Randomizer Hell
Machine Hell #1
Machine Hell #2

Click any of the servers above to join!

Useful Links

Bans / Protest A Ban[bans.saxtonhell.com]
In-Game Sprays[sprays.saxtonhell.com]
Ranks & Stats[stats.saxtonhell.com]
Official Raffles[saxtonhell.com]
Admin Team[saxtonhell.com]
Game DB players in SaxtonHell
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