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Tracking all active bundles and deals for over 8 years! :)

Active Bundles[www.indiegamebundles.com] - see what bundles are currently on sale!

Free Games[www.indiegamebundles.com] - if there's a free game out there, we write about it!

IGB DEALS - eLearning Bundles and other cool stuff

IGB DEALS [deals.indiegamebundles.com]


No spamming, no begging, no links to outside websites. No affiliate links. If you break any of those, you will get a permanent ban. The only thing you CAN advertise on the group wall and discussions are your own indie games, so if you made a game, feel free to post a link to its store page.

If you want to trade games and coupons, you can do that in the pinned discussion in the group forum.
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