SIH (Inventory Helper)

SIH (Inventory Helper) (SIHelper)

Steam Inventory Helper

Steam Group Page
This is an official group of Steam Inventory Helper extension.

In this group you could:
- Suggest features
- Report bugs
- Ask any extension-related question

Feel free to ask any extension related question and we will help you out!

Please remember that SIH exists to help you with your Steam experience, but does not make absolutely all processes automatic.
Be sure to re-check your items that you send to market in mobile confirmation app in order to avoid some possible price differences situations.

Please be aware that:
Any discussions, comments that are not related to the topic on groups (begging for items, spamming promotion codes for betting sites, spamming links...) will be deleted and banned permanently without notice.

If you would like your project to be added as a price provider, please use the email below to contact us.

[email protected]
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