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Archi's SC Farm (Archi-ASF)

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Official Steam group dedicated to ASF[github.com] software

This group is not a proper place for any traffic redirection, including (but not limited to): advertising your profile, group, website, referral link or any other product or service.

This group is also not a proper place for witch hunts, scamming accusations, account hijacking and other behaviour that we're not affiliated with, especially harmful disinformation towards our staff or software. We're not responsible for behaviour of our users, including their ill intentions. If you believe that a particular Steam user is harmful to the community, report[files.steamrep.com] him to Valve instead. Always follow safe trading practices[forums.steamrep.com] when dealing with other users.

Users disrespecting the rules stated above will be permanently suspended from participating in any remaining group activity, with their messages being removed.

Group comments section is not a proper place for asking questions or resolving issues, don't expect us to answer you there. If you have a problem or question related to ASF, post a thread in a support section.
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