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About our work

We will offer all Giveaway groups and some Raffle groups the chance to post their giveaway announcements into this group.

About our Partnerships

Do you want to post your announcements at Giveaway News?
You can send us your application here: Partnership Applications


-We do not want partnerships with Raffle groups. If you want entry fees like money or items: We won't support this.
-You never have to pay something to enter our giveaways; entry is entirely free.. We only provide access to giveaways (not raffles) on this group. If one of our partners asks for money or items, please report them to us.
- The following giveaways are allowed: Chat key drops, announcement drops, forum drops, Gleam, Steamgifts, Gameminer, and other serious giveaway sites.Everything else not.
- Never post a low budget spam giveaway. If you want to post an indie bundle game giveaway, it needs to include atleast 5 games or more.
- Never re-post the same giveaway twice. If you want to post the same giveaway with a longer duration, you can request it.
- If you want to post a gleam giveaway: make sure to add Giveaway News into the giveaway
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