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CS.MONEY - CS:GO Trade Bot

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CS.MONEY is a platform that is used to search and select virtual items between the users of Steam

[email protected] - for sponsorship and youtube requests
[email protected] - only for business inquiries

Be carefull, all cs.money accounts are moderators in this group. If somebody contact you from other accounts - its Fraud

All sites with deposit/withdraw systems - is a fraud

The answer to the most frequently asked question
Is my skin unavailable for trading?
Possible reasons why your skin was blocked:

• This item is not popular among players - that is why it has low sales statistics on the community marketplace. We are forced to block such skins in order not to block up our accounts.

• There is an attempt to artificially increase the price by an inadequately high sales level on the marketplace. Our algorithms will discover such fraud attempts, which protects your and our funds. Example: http://imgur.com/a/9nJAM

• This skin is on the list of permanently blocked skins, such include all cases, souvenirs, and stickers.

• There are too many similar items on our accounts, i.e. it may lead to an enormous number of the same items on the website. This way we maintain the variety of items on the marketplace.
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