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🏆 🥇Welcome to Steam's LARGEST Rocket League Trading Community🥇🏆


We give away black market items, painted exotics, and much more!
🆕RLTC Discord!🆕

RLTC now has a Discord! It is a fantastic way to have your trades seen and a great way to quickly interact with fellow traders.

We also do Discord exclusive giveaways , join so you don't miss out!

JOIN HERE -> https://discord.gg/SxFJvpr
🤝Teammate Searching🤝

RLTC makes it easy to find a teammate. Playing alone or with nooby randoms isn't fun and we realize that. Post a thread at the link pasted below!

Looking for a teammate/group? Click HERE!

Spamming, scamming, and advertising are all immediate bans. These bans last permanently, so don't be silly and break the few rules we have. 🚓

*Not knowing the rules is no excuse, they are clearly stated here for all to see
Banned? Click HERE!
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