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Level 70
On Steam 14 Dec 2007
Last Updated 23 Mar 11:15
United States
United States
State California
Bans : None
Community Banned
VAC Banned
Game Bans 0
VAC Bans 0
Economy Ban None
Time Since VAC Ban -
Ranks (Updated daily)
Badges 509th In the state
Games 640th In the state
Playtime 652nd In the state
Level 738th In the state
Comments 3,546th In the state
Badges 4,288th In the country
Badges 6,012th In the continent
Friends 6,278th In the state
Games 6,488th In the country
Playtime 6,923rd In the country
Level 6,930th In the country
Games 8,245th In the continent
Playtime 8,897th In the continent
Level 9,367th In the continent
Comments 34,254th In the country
Games 35,517th Globally
Badges 37,695th Globally
Playtime 39,082nd Globally
Comments 45,965th In the continent
Level 52,480th Globally
Friends 65,918th In the country
Friends 84,434th In the continent
Comments 194,150th Globally
Friends 311,150th Globally
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Level 70
Experience 28,167
Next Level In 633
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Average Price $ 9.46 $ 10.99
Average Price / Hour $ 6.47 $ 10.30
Total Price $ 6,056.48 $ 4,419.13
All Played
Average Time 2d, 15h 4d, 4h
Total Time 4y, 7m 4y, 7m
App Types
Type Count %
Advertising 3 1.17%
DLC 1 0.00%
Game 632 1.42%
Mod 1 12.50%
Unknown 2 0.00%
Video 1 0.01%
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