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Level 88
On Steam 22 Nov 2013
Last Updated 21 Feb 03:01
State 15
Bans : None
Community Banned
VAC Banned
Game Bans 0
VAC Bans 0
Economy Ban None
Time Since VAC Ban -
Ranks (Updated daily)
Level 713th In the country
Comments 878th In the country
Friends 973rd In the country
Badges 1,006th In the country
Playtime 1,107th In the country
Level 1,682nd In the continent
Games 2,080th In the country
Badges 2,325th In the continent
Playtime 2,415th In the continent
Comments 2,516th In the continent
Friends 2,532nd In the continent
Games 4,808th In the continent
Level 35,766th Globally
Badges 46,123rd Globally
Friends 47,638th Globally
Comments 53,979th Globally
Playtime 60,226th Globally
Games 116,913th Globally
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Level 88
Experience 43,543
Next Level In 557
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Average Price $ 13.72 $ 15.23
Average Price / Hour $ 14.37 $ 17.05
Total Price $ 1,742.45 $ 1,629.54
All Played
Average Time 1w, 2d 1w, 4d
Total Time 3y, 5m 3y, 5m
App Types
Type Count %
Game 125 0.28%
Mod 1 12.50%
Tool 1 0.25%
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